IDVC 2022 – Final Stats

As you would know, I run IDVC survey project, which collects the prices of Idli, Vade (vada), Dose(dosa), and Coffee across Bangalore. It's an ongoing project. The idea is to map the price over time and across geographies in Bangalore.  


Part of that larger plan is also to publish the rates of Idli, Vade (vada), Dose(dosa), and Coffee at the end of every year. Since 2022 has ended. I have the stats here.

  1. There was a total of 44 survey submissions.
  2. The cheapest coffee costs Rs.10, and the median coffee price is Rs.15. The most expensive coffee costs Rs.41.
  3. The most affordable plate of Idlies costs Rs.20, and the median price is Rs. 30
  4. Dose costs Rs. 55 (median), the cheapest is 40, and the most expensive one is 113
  5. Vada costs Rs. 25 (median), the cheapest is 15, and the most expensive one is 56.

That's it for this year. I think it will be interesting next year. If you would like to contribute to the survey, please go to the project page; I have the details.  BTW here are the raw stats for 2022.

    "_id": "stats_2022",
    "_rev": "1-4f49fc483eaa0b8a00a46578433447fb",
    "type": "stat",
    "last_updated_on": "2022-12-31T23:56:51.111023+05:30",
        "max": 76,
        "min": 20,
        "mean": 33.5,
        "median": 30,
        "mode": 30,
        "sd": 12.18
        "max": 113,
        "min": 40,
        "mean": 61.96,
        "median": 55,
        "mode": 50,
        "sd": 20.17
        "max": 56,
        "min": 15,
        "mean": 28.53,
        "median": 25,
        "mode": 25,
        "sd": 8.78
        "max": 41,
        "min": 10,
        "mean": 16.43,
        "median": 15,
        "mode": 15,
        "sd": 7.67

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