Weekly Notes 09/2023

So slowly, I am going out and meeting friends. Thanks to them for inviting me. Given how much time I used to spend meeting friends and acquaintances before COVID-19, the current amount surprises me. But I will try. This week I met a couple and had long conversations. I also went to open science day at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, thanks to Ganghandar. Both of us share an interest in balloon launches done by IIPA. We met a bunch of interesting folks from IIAP and students. On 4th March, this Saturday, there is an Open Day at IISc. It's focused on kids but is equally fun for adults. I will probably be there. Let me know if you come, and we can get some coffee.

Laptop cover - Hand made by Anjus Amma
Laptop cover - Hand stitched by Anju's Amma
  • I wrote a post about SDR on an Android phone. It's very useful, especially if you plan to debug the 2.5GHz issues, as many protocols use the same frequency range. It's also fun to see waves visually. It makes FFT fun, which was a tough concept to grasp 20 years back in my engineering days.
  • Anju's amma stitched a cover for my tpx. It's very pretty and useful.
  • I added two more blogs to my list of BlogRing - Alice Bartlett and Tom Stuart. They both write weekly notes too. 
  • I added more cameras and IDVC surveys. 
  • Business is unpredictable. Small and medium enterprises will face challenges due to the slow GDP growth. The thing with being an entrepreneur is whether we can manage it.
  • I registered for TATA 10K in May; I am trying to run after a long time. They are yet to confirm my spot.
  • I also gifted myself Dewalt 12V drill. I do have a Bosch Power Drill. But that one is not portable. Do we need any other reasons?

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