Weekly Notes 10/2023

This is my 1000th blog post. 2023 is also going to be the 20th year of my blogging. I will write a 20th-year blog post later, but I am surprised the average number of posts per year is 50. Except for 2007 (strange year of imports), other years have been relatively consistent. And in the last few years, it has been more than average.

  • Now you can get a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Electronic Systems from IITM. And everyone is welcome to apply. There is no artificial seat limitation. All you need to be 12th standard pass with Physics and Maths. You can learn from anywhere in the world as long as you can do Lab courses in person at the IIT Madras campus. I am happy to be contributing in a small way. This is in addition to already running and successful Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree in Data Science and Applications
  • Slowly location page is coming to life. I have tagged maybe 20% of the posts. But a lot more to go. 
  • I reached Thrissur on Wednesday for some personal work. The drive-in iblue was smooth, though I thought the accelerator needed to be a bit soft.
  • Subscribed to Rohit's Weekly Notes Journal.
  • We (PIL) had to throw an 18-year-old Samsung microwave. The electronic touch panel stopped working, and Samsung couldn't replace it. They would take the request and close it after a week. I couldn't get spare parts outside Samsung. So this time went for a standard manual simple microwave- The Panasonic NN-SM255WFDG Microwave Oven. It has three simple manual buttons—one for power, one for time, and the third one to stop and open the door. Thats it. I think it would be simple to repair if something goes wrong. It's easy to use by folks of all ages. And it is affordable.  
100+ years ago. Gandhi was arrested on the charges on sedition - NYT
100+ years ago. Gandhi was arrested on the charges on sedition - NYT
  • 100+ years ago. Gandhi was arrested on the charges on sedition. This law exists today. Even today Indian citizen are arrested under this law. Its time.

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