Weekly Notes 13/2023

I took a couple of days of leave last week. I did some housework, went out a bit, and got some rest—time well spent. So start to this week was slow and interesting at the same time.

HAB launch at CREST, Hosakote
HAB launch at CREST, Hosakote
  • The construction of homes at TVC will start; we had a small get-together to kick start on Friday. Hopefully, it will be done in 18 months or so, and we get to spend a lot of time there soon.
  • I got to watch HAB - High Altitude Baloon launch. It's an interesting process. I will write about that in detail later. In the meantime, thanks to the folks at IIA for this opportunity. Next time, I may build a small payload. 
  • I watched John Wick 4. Part 1 remains my favorite in the series. I am yet to see part 3, so let's see.
  • I started writing about my home workshop/homelab tools. The first one is a Linked List of my corded power tools.
  • In India, if you get out to get any work done, have at least two, three tasks on your list. Because often the work you wanted to get done won't happen because the place is closed or the contact person is not there etc. Appointments mean nothing, Especially if it is government or semi-government offices, hospitals, or bank-like places. 
  • And Bangalore is pink now

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