Weekly Notes 29/2023

Spent time with friends and their families
spent time with friends and their families this week. Photo: Sandeep GL
  • After a long time, I spent a day with friends and their children at a resort. I am meeting some after three years due to covid19 break. 
  • It was a busy week at work and home. A lot of things got done. 
  • I wrote a big long post about driving with pets. If you have any comments or notes, do send them to me. 
  • I started adding characters to blog posts to tag people and other characters(only if they are comfortable). For example, here are posts starring Max. At some point, I want to add mood. That would complete all the annotations to posts ( Category, Tags, Datetime, Location, Characters, and Mood ). This would bring in all the features that I liked in Livejournal. 
  • Internet shutdowns never work for Citizens. You can see it clearly in Manipur. It took months for atrocities to come out

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