Weekly Notes 43/2023

We are back in Bangalore. This was a short visit to Thrissur, but I might be there again in December. Now that I spend at least a month every quarter in Thrissur, I need to work on activities and people to do with. Given how many open data and software enthusiasts live and work in Kerala, it shouldn't be that difficult. 

Echo and Pathu on our trip.
Echo and Pathu on our trip.
  • When I look back, Choosing Friday to publish my weekly posts was a good idea. In case I forget to publish on Friday, I still have Saturday in the same week to publish. I have done this twice until now.
  • I have driven around 1000 kilometers on this trip (2 x 500+ km) to Thrissur with a baby and two pets. I couldn't have imagined any car better than the IBlue for this. I wrote a post about the rooftop cargo box that IBlue has now. 
  • I have blogged more than last year now. We still have two months left in this year. It's thanks to Weekly Notes and readers of Weekly Notes. BTW it's a category now and has a category feed if you prefer.
  • I am a hopelessly positive person. I find positives even in the most hopeless situations. But when I read the news these days, that part of me is getting tested and failing badly. 

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