Weekly Notes 48/2023

I was in Mumbai for the first three days of the week. It was a work trip, so I only went out a little. My Elephanta Caves visit is still pending. Mumbai weather and air quality were alright, thanks to the rain. Now, back in Bangalore, and winter is here. 

Izumi, Bandra, Mumbai
Izumi, Bandra, Mumbai
  • Some of my school and college friends came to visit Uma this week. It was a fun morning.
  • I took my first flight from Terminal 2 of KIAL. It's modern but doesn't have any character. It is a mix of Singapore and Dubai airports. Once inside T2, nothing signifies that it's in Bangalore, Karnataka, or India. It feels like you are in one of those cities with nothing specific, so they must make things up like artificial gardens, artificial waterfalls, etc. It feels plastic. Why can't we design something that reflects the architecture of the land? If one can't find inspiration in Karnataka, I don't know where they will. 
  • While I was at the airport, I mapped a couple of cameras.
  • In Mumbai, I went out to eat some good Ramen. Izumi didn't disappoint me. I tried Izumi Ramen. It was delicious. I also did check out Jamie Oliver Kitchen Cafe. It was okay.
  • I have updated the archives page; now, it has links to characters and locations. Also, if you don't know about NowNowNow, check it out. It's the site I check occasionally to find independent professionals; most are bloggers, too.  
  • As I said in the previous, I am slowly transitioning to XMPP. If you like to ping me, you can add thej on chat.thejeshgn.com. 
  • I also uninstalled Instagram this week.

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