Weekly Notes 47/2023

We are five weeks away from the year-end. I already feel the year is over, maybe because I can see everyone's holiday plans.

Appa busy with news
Appa busy with news
  • I pushed some data points to the IDVC project. I want to collect some more data before the year ends. 
  • I use a simple architecture pattern to build real-time survey results or dashboards using KoboToolbox and CouchDB. I wrote a blog post about using webhooks to push data from KoboToolbox to CouchDB in real-time, which is part of this setup.
  • We watched a Malayalam film called Saudi Vellakka. I loved the movie. It's the story of an older woman, Aiysha. It shows how a momentary, small act of anger takes her on a path she never imagined. It also indicates how courts are only the answer to some of our problems, and I like how Aiysha's character is written. She accepts what she has done and all the things that come with it (living alone, working for herself, attending endless court visits) and finally finds peace after apologizing to the kid. The ending is quite positive and heartwarming. 
  • I have a hosted instance of Snikket running on a subdomain. My idea is to use it with my family and friends. I also plan to use it for my tech experiments (Specially Public Rooms). Suppose you have an XMPP account that you use. Ping me. I use Matrix occasionally, but I have yet to do the self-hosting part of it. It seems more difficult.
  • Also, Prav is an XMPP-based messaging platform built on the top FOSS. The Prav community from India runs it and is currently in beta testing. The idea is to make the registration and usage as easy as WA using phone numbers without vendor lock-in. They were in the process of registering society. I am happy they finally got 50+ interests in two states and can now proceed with the society registration. Show your interest and help the team to build a vendor-neutral and independent messaging platform.
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