Weekly Notes 50/2023

We met a bunch of friends this week. We spent unreasonable amount of time with them, talking, eating, and making coffee. I am so happy to have such beautiful and caring friends. When I turn 70 and look back, I will be very proud of the friends that I have earned, especially the ones I made after turning 30.

She never stops until she learns a new skill—she is such an inspiration to adults.
She never stops until she learns a new skill—she is such an inspiration to adults.
  • I wrote a blog post about the Home Office Speaker Phone I use regularly. I am writing a series on Remote Work Gadgets.
  • Thank you, Shrinivasan, for being kind and generous. I eagerly wait to read all the weekly notes. It makes me feel connected. Reading weekly notes has become a cherished ritual, second only to the joy of meeting friends in person for coffee and casual chat.
  • At Peppo, we did some excellent big releases this week. There are a couple more releases before we start the holiday season.
  • I do recognize people have issues with Nepotism, and it is a problem. But to think only Bollywood or the movie industry has that issue is ignorant and careless. Even our stories have a lot of Nepotism. Rama's claim to Ayodhya is not based on merit but on him being the first son of Dasharatha ( basically the same as the divine right of kings). Mahabharatha is similar. If you read it, it's full of Nepotism. The care for merit, as people would want to believe, is zero. I don't know how people ignore it.
  • Maintaining a blog is like managing a garden; the most prominent work is to get rid of link rots. I went through some old posts this week and replaced the image hosting. Previously, I had embedded images from Flickr, Zooomr, OpenPhoto, TwitPic, Photobucket, Twitter, etc. Most of these services are already shut down or on the verge of shutting down—one of the disadvantages of being an early adopter. So I had to find the photos in the archive painfully, then upload them here and replace them in the posts. 

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