Weekly Notes 05/2024

I reached Gokarna/Kumta this evening along with friends. The ride was long but smooth and fun. The BluArmour communication setup among us makes riding together fun. I will write about the ride and gadget later this week.

At Kumta
  • Last Friday, I did my first ride after ~14 years. We went to Lepakshi and Penugonda Fort. It was in preparation for today's ride.
  • I tried the Black Baza - Tiger Beetle this week. I really liked it. I usually get Loris, which is washed arabica and dark roast. I used ESPRO P0 travel French press. 
  • I met a bunch of friends on Jan/24. One of them has started blogging. I'm happy to see folks blogging on their domains. I also found another Weekly Notes blogger, Ayyappa. I know him through InfyBlogs. It was an internal LiveJournal instance by InfyLug where I met lots of exciting folks. At some point, I want to write about InfyBlogs, which used to be a big fun in 2007.
  • I have an internal-to-home network video stream setup that continuously streams pictures from a folder in a loop.
  • Uma is growing up quicker than I can think. She is eating Idly and Dose along with other food. She loves carrots, peas, papaya, apples, broccoli, etc. But her favorite food item is a Banana. She loves it and eats it any time she gets it.
  • Echo wasn't feeling well the first half of this week. But he is doing okay now. Pathu is doing very well as usual.
  • Welcome to Feb/2024. January has come and gone in no time. Next week, my team will be in Bangalore. I am very kicked about it.

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