Weekly Notes 07/2024

The weekend (Fri/Sat) at Dubare was great. The trip turned out to be better than I expected. I miss my team already. I did a picture post about the visit.

Uma exploring the kitchen cupboards.
Uma exploring the kitchen cupboards.
  • Uma has started walking, not independently but with the help of furniture or a wall. She is also in exploring mode. Currently, the project of child-proofing the house is in progress. 
  • We applied for Uma's passport this week, which arrived today. Hopefully we get to travel this year.
  • I paid a visit to Gandhi Bhavan in Bengaluru. After a long time, I met Carl and Om and saw the scanning center. What fantastic work the Servants of Knowledge team is doing. They scan about 15 Lakh pages monthly and upload them to Archive.org. When you have time, Visit Gandhi Bhavan and see it for yourself.
  • CB350 is the simple, nimble, and powerful motorcycle I needed for the ride. I wrote about what I liked about it
  • Everyone at Peppo is back to work this week. I like these one-week get-togethers. I hope to do that often. 
  • Thanks to the social.lol community, I am very hopeful about the Mastodon software and community. This positivity made me set up my own Mastodon instance at https://social.thej.in/@thej. I still have social.lol, public feed as a tab on my Fedilab App. The enthusiasm in that community towards the web is very refreshing and encouraging. I love that community but wanted to host it on my domain. That's probably the only reason to move out. It's hosted on masto.host.

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