Mapping Pet Friendly Places in Bengaluru on OpenStreetMap

I have started mapping pet-friendly places in and around Bengaluru. I am considering the newer areas like Devanahalli, Hosakote, Nelamangala, Anekal, etc. Hence, the area I am mapping is bigger than the city of Bengaluru. 

For mapping pet-friendly places, there are two competing tags. pets and pets_allowed. Given that Pets is used a lot, I am going with it. I am also additionally adding the "dog" tag. Pets tag says if pets are allowed or not. Dog tag denotes specifically if dogs are allowed or not. The dog tag allows me to add dog-specific values like yes, no, leashed, unleashed, designated, or our side. 

OSM Tubro Query for Pet friendly places in Bengaluru
OSM Tubro Query for Pet friendly places in Bengaluru

You can get all the Bengaluru pet-friendly places using the following query on the overpass turbo. I have also set up a visual map for you to explore, if you prefer.

out body;
out skel qt;

Here is an example node, from overpass tubro query results.

  "type": "node",
  "id": 9687954318,
  "lat": 12.9865306,
  "lon": 77.6194645,
  "tags": {
    "amenity": "cafe",
    "dog": "leashed",
    "name": "Kaara by Lake",
    "outdoor_seating": "yes",
    "pets": "yes"
Map of Pets
Map of Pet Friendly Places

Ping me if you are interested in mapping or if you want help in mapping. We can work together.

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