Weekly Notes 11/2024

The reason why I like blogging could be a strange thing. I am not a writer; I am not even good at expressing myself or my thoughts in words. But what I am is a compulsive and obsessive documenter. I like to document things, and I have done so since I was a kid; my school or college notes, diaries, and letters were all documentation. Even today, I document all my work in work diaries. And this blog, especially Weekly Notes, is part of documenting my life.

Dasavala/Hibiscus in our balcony garden.
Dasavala/Hibiscus in our balcony garden.
  • 👨‍🍼 Uma caught a garden bee this week and was bitten by it. The bee died, and she cried a bit. She had no significant reactions except for a low fever later in the day. We did visit her doctor though, just to be sure.  
  • 🫂 My friends were here to visit Uma on Sunday. They have kids, so it was a full house with all five running around, jumping, etc. It's always interesting to see how kids approach pets vs adults.
  • 🕸️ I was trying to fix the 'R for Rabbit' Pocket Stroller. Somehow, the instructions for disassembling the back wheels don't exist, so I had to experiment and figure it out. So, I made a one-minute video. YouTube is the only big company social media App that I have now. I watch a lot of how-tos and other vlogs. There is no alternative currently, but thankfully, I don't have to use their App. I use NewPipe and watch only the videos I have subscribed to or searched for. Also, there are no garbage shorts. NewPipe also supports PeerTube, BandCamp, etc.
  • 🧘‍♂️I have been eating two meals since lockdown in 2020. I eat lunch between 12 PM and 2 PM, and dinner between 8 PM and 10 PM. Unless it is a day when I meet friends for breakfast, which is random and happens maybe once a quarter, I start the day with just black coffee. I don't eat much outside this period. I recently realized this is what they call intermittent fasting. Now, I have a term to describe it. I have done a 24-hour fasting once or twice in these years. Initially, I wanted to do it at least once a month. I have not been successful there. I will have to try again. 
  • 📺 This weekend, I saw a Telugu movie called Shyam Singha Roy. I can understand Telugu quite well, so I could find faults in Netflix's subtitles. It's a very watchable movie. 
  • 💻 I have been learning some rarely seen but excellent GNU command-line tools, such as parallel. Over the last week, I have learned a lot about parallel and now use it almost daily. At some point, I want to write a series about GNU Coreutils and other GNU CLI tools.
  • 👉 Today is the last day to apply for NMG/2024 grants. The application is open as long as it's March 15th anywhere on the earth (AoE), so you still have time. 

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