Weekly Notes 20/2024

Uma's sleeping cycle has changed a bit. She now sleeps from 7 PM to 6:30 AM, with a short nap in the morning and a longer nap after lunch. Her diet includes most of what we eat, but less spicy. She doesn't like eggs as of now :(, which are important in our diet, so we keep trying different ways to introduce them.

Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru
Gandhi Bhavan, Bengaluru
  • Saturday and Sunday, we had friends at home to meet Uma. It was fun to meet them after a long time. I had not seen Wesley (InfyBlogs) in years. He is moving back to Chennai, hence the visit. I also met Zaikis after a long time. We should do this often.
  • I upgraded Home Assistant to the latest version, 2024.05. Everything went well, as far as I know. I will need to check in a couple of days. 
  • Some more dental work got done this week. I am seeing the end.
  • My friend Supriya is teaching spoken Kannada again. She is also using decks from our previous Nithya Kannada Project. I had released only two ( 30 cards each ) decks. I have at least another three decks worth of content. I am trying to build and release them in the coming weeks. As a starter, I released a deck on Kannada Alphabets, which uses the content from Kannada Wikipedia. If you are interested in Kannada alphabets, you can import them into Anki and try them out. I have added some how-to videos to the project page.
  • I helped a friend to revive a decade-old project. It's good to see some old projects with some new life.
  • This week was yet another excellent but hectic week. I got lots done, both work-wise and personally. 
  • Bangalore seems to be back to its original mood. The weather in the last few days has been great.  
  • I wrote a blog post about Echo, Pathu and Uma. It is primarily a gallery of their pictures than anything else. But pictures do speak a lot.
  • I paid a quick visit to ServantsOfKnowledge at Gandhi Bhavan. I can spend hundreds of hours watching them scan the books. It's mesmerizing. 

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3 Responses

  1. Vishnu Gopal says:

    Lovely post on your pets and Uma. Would love to know more about your home assistant setup too.

    • Thejesh GN says:

      Thank you. My HA setup was done over time, with the things that were bought even before HA was setup. So it is not a fully planned setup. What would you like to know? I have blogged few things already.

      • Vishnu says:

        Thanks! I searched here and read up on a few of your posts. I’m thinking of setting up a smart home, and was wondering about good smart switches, door cams, contact sensors, smart window blinds and door locks to buy.