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What does a bike (motor cycle) mean to a Guy? 0

What does a bike (motor cycle) mean to a Guy?

Freedom. I don’t know what others think but my definite answer would be Freedom. That is what a bike offers. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime at you will. The dream gals associate with wings, guys associate with bike. Its next best thing to flying (actually flying an airplane). It’s his next best friend...

TechMag Issue – 1 1

TechMag Issue – 1

Issue:1 Date:25062003 TechMag Weekly By: Thejesh GN Editors Note: Hai everybody, I am Thejesh GN starting my first newsletter. Since I am an engineer it is obvious that it will be a tech newsletter. You can expect all types of tips, tricks, pointers to other sources etc here. Even though this is not...