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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is updated and you can see it here. I will update it as and when required1. This site is not big enough to have GDPR, but I think GDPR is a good thing to happen to web. I am trying to follow it as much as possible. There is also Terms...


Making Friends at 35

I just finished watching Young Sheldon. The episode that stayed with me the most is the one in which he tries to make friends by reading a book – How to Win Friends and Influence People. I have not read that book1. But I have tried to make new friends since 2010. This...


Barack Obama

Obama is probably the best POTUS that I have seen in my lifetime. When he ran for his for office first time in 2008, I followed him everywhere on-line. Even though I had my doubts I wished US will choose its first black president. When he got elected I couldn’t believe myself but...