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1by2coffee – Voice from Egypt – Iman Bibars 0

1by2coffee – Voice from Egypt – Iman Bibars

Vibha helped me to get in touch with Iman Bibars ( I am extremely sorry for mispronouncing your name) who works with in Egypt. In this ten minute telephone interview we talk about situation in Egypt, expectations of people of Egypt from rest of the world, mainly India. And of course is...

The year that was 2010 10

The year that was 2010

Now that you are used to “The year that was (2007, 2008, 2009)” posts, I will get into the post with out introduction. 1. Sabbatical – spent most of my time at Janaagraha thanks to Infosys. My sabbatical will end on Jan 15. Wait for a detailed post. 2. My sister got married....

Why 3kfor30? 4

Why 3kfor30?

I have been talking about this travel with everybody. This is the question I get asked all the time. It may not be the exact question but in essence yes. The most generic question “why train why not flight?” Well I love trains and I want to travel in Himsagar Express. Its the...