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Why 3kfor30? 4

Why 3kfor30?

I have been talking about this travel with everybody. This is the question I get asked all the time. It may not be the exact question but in essence yes. The most generic question “why train why not flight?” Well I love trains and I want to travel in Himsagar Express. Its the...

Damn I am 30! 16

Damn I am 30!

Well I am surprised, shocked and in disbelief. How could I turn 30 so fast? What I have done in last 30 best years? What will I do in next 30 years? Which probably is the life I am left with. In last 30 days, I haven’t slept properly. I am the guy...

Online options for Kannada music lover 8

Online options for Kannada music lover

I listen to Kannada music a lot. I mostly end up buying CDs and then rip them so I can use it on my ipod or Nexus1. Its such a waste of resources. CD (eWaste) plus my time and money. Last few months I was searching for a good Kannada online music store...