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Pictures from ride to Kanyakumari 18

Pictures from ride to Kanyakumari

Three bikes and three men set to reach kanyakumari from Bangalore. On the way to Madhurai. I saw this beautiful hill. Captured this with my K750i before my co-riders reached me.

Twittering missionKK 8

Twittering missionKK

I was fully connected through out my bike ride to Kanyakumari from Bangalore. I used GPRS to twitter my travel and communicate with my friends. These tweets give the details about where/what/when. A proper blog post with pics is coming. Until then enjoy the tweets. i hope it will stop raining tomorrow. is...

Plan- Bangalore to Kanyakumari 8

Plan- Bangalore to Kanyakumari

The plan for the ride would be something like this. Day 1- Friday :10/08 10pm – Stay Huskur Gate Day 2 -Saturday:11/08 4:30am – Leave to Madhurai Day 3 -Sunday:12/08 05:00am – Leave to Kanyakumari Day 4 -Monday:13/08 02:00pm – Leave Kanyakumari Day 5 -Tuesday:14/08 05:00am – Day 6 -Wednesday:15/08 05:00am – 05:00pm...

More Pictures From Sikkim Trip 2

More Pictures From Sikkim Trip

Kid Hosted on Zooomr Kids Hosted on Zooomr Cricket Hosted on Zooomr This story is a part of my travel stories from North East India called storiesfromnortheastindia. The places covered are Kolkatta, Darjeeling, Gangtok and many other in Sikkim.

Se Cathedral at Goa 0

Se Cathedral at Goa

The Se Cathedral, dedicated to St Catherine, is the largest church in Goa. Its construction began in 1562 under the reign of King Dom Sebastiao though it was finally completed by 1652. The church is built in the Portuguese Gothic Style with a Tuscan exterior and Corinthian interior. It has twin towers though...