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Geeks and Embarrassments

Posted by Thejesh GN On April - 20 - 20131 COMMENT

I have been a geek forever, mostly embarrassing friends and family around me. This time I did go a step further. It was meant to be something really personal. But then when I told what happened she was embarrassed. Of course she likes most things I do. This time too a second later she smiled at me and asked me whether was her name open data :) Of course there I was covered.

She wrote this for the geek inside me a while back

I could question him every day for proof of his love
Instead I said, “Make me your password”
The clarity of his reply resounded
With the assurance I needed.
“You are already a part of my hard disk key”, said Clarity
The loveliest gesture in his digital world.
His writing ability often vexs me
His spellings, grammar; like monkeys on a page
Misbehave to ruin the moments in his coaxed letters.
One January evening, he hands me an LIC diary.
Later when I open to make it my own
“To my Life Insurance” sing the monkeys in harmony
And my “fine” writing ability goes up in flames
as my heart melts into a puddle of love
for my simpleton.

1. Well I am not embarrassed any more.
2. Of course password has been changed since them. And it wasn’t simple name password if you know what I mean :)

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Shiny New MySwar App for Andoid and IOS

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 29 - 20135 COMMENTS

We have been working hard at Mavrix. We have been releasing new features almost every month. But this time its bigger. Now we have shiny new MySwar app for Android and IOS. Both of them are free at this point. Go ahead and install them. I am happy about the way apps have turned up. Let me know what do you think.
Screenshot - SongScreenshot - Popular SongsScreenshot - New ReleasesScreenshot - AwardsScreenshot - ArtistScreenshot - Album

I am sure there are bugs and features which you would love to see. Send them. I have already started getting requests. But I assure you, I will look at all of them. Its time to get back to work I guess :) May be another day I will write about the technology behind apps.

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Open DataCamp Bangalore 2013

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 21 - 201312 COMMENTS

The second Open DataCamp in Bangalore was earlier this month. This one was much different from the first one. I was very happy and tired at the same time. Now that I am back from a very good vacation. Its time to sit back and reflect upon #odcblr2013.


First of all, to all the participants. Thank you. You guys rock. For the rest, I am sorry guys you missed great conversations and hopefully you will be around next time.

ODCBLR2013 was made possible due to the generosity of Google, India Water Portal, Akshara Foundation, HasGeek and DataMeet volunteers.


Finding a venue was difficult this time. We couldn’t use Google since their well-known canteen is under reconstruction. At the end Dharmaram college worked well, except for the internet part which was a little sporadic. Hopefully we will have a better place next year. We should probably go back to corporate world. It makes it easy setup things like internet, food, AV etc

Even though we started planning early, both Nisha and myself have full-time jobs (more than full time actually), it was not easy running around to get the things done. So in the year 2014 we will have to start very early. Say at the least 5 months early. Also try to work with other groups like BarCamp Bangalore, so that we don’t clash with them.
Panel With Data.Gov.In
Talks and Workshops were awesome. We will try to continue that format unless the feedback from the participants is completely opposite. And it’s not easy to organize a hackathon. We will have to plan better for it to work. I might attend more hackathons just to learn to organize one.

IMG_0385 IMG_0553IMG_0739
Volunteers were awesome. All kinds of them, some of them who like DataCamp and wanted to volunteer, and the rest who just liked us and volunteered to help us. Thanks to all of you. We couldn’t have done with out you guys.
Participants this year were equally good. There were so many interesting conversations. So many ideas. Which is what I look forward in an event. By that standards we are growing and doing well. Now looking forward to #odcblr2014. In the meantime join the discussion at DataMeet.

Note: Myself and Nisha are processing all the videos. It should be out in couple of weeks. All the pictures are available online. They are under Creative Commons license. Please attribute Meera Sankar if you end up using.

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Our first big vacation

Posted by Thejesh GN On March - 20 - 20132 COMMENTS

This is the first time we went out for a vacation. I am happy that my parents enjoyed it throughout. Some pictures from my Instagram photo stream.

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Kumbh Mela 2013

Posted by Thejesh GN On February - 15 - 20133 COMMENTS

Been running on high fever since I returned from Allahabad. So as of now I am just uploading the pictures. May be sometime later I will write a post about my experience. There are one or two pictures which are not safe for work. You have been warned. Enjoy.

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