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Networks of New York - Ingrid Burrington’s Book. ©️ Ingrid Burrington. 0

Book: Networks of Newyork

I don’t know anyone who can authoritatively say I know how internet works. Internet is made up millions of loosely coupled software, hardware, protocols and physical objects. It’s almost impossible to know every part of it in detail. But most of us can logically explain how it works with some black boxes. This...

That's Santa Luchino at Jeju Ferry Terminal. 0

Day 10: Cruise to Jeju

We woke up early. Even though our ferry was at 0900, we wanted to reach the terminal by 0730. So we left the hotel by 0700. Our hotel was very near to the terminal and we took taxi. Ferry terminal looks like a bus station otherwise. We had booked the tickets through telephone...