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CLI for Readlist

I maintain the readlist in a CouchDB database. Each feed (channel) is a document in that database. I use the file’s name as the primary key i.e “_id”. For example, “sri-lankas-economic-crisis.json” is the key to the Sri Lankan Economic Crisis reading list. It’s a single document. It has many feed items like any JSONFeed. The first few were easy to create and manage. But then I needed something simple to manage this if I was going to be serious about using it.

Simple Readlist viewer

Until now, I have been usingreadliston JSONFeed readers. But one of the reasons to have a readlist is to share it with friends. So I thought of a page that lists the links with some description. So now I have a simple page that does just that. It fetches the JSONFeed of a readlist and displays the articles as a list.

Chennai / IITM Paradox’22 Fest

Last weekend I was in Chennai for Paradox2022, the first offline student festival for IITM BSc Students. I have been teaching MAD01 and MAD02 since 2020 for BSc students personally; it’s been a great experience. But I never got to meet any of them in person, so I thought it would be an excellent chance to meet them. With the bonus of seeing more than a hundred students getting their diplomas.