Monthly Archive: October 2007

Ride to Sravanabelagola 6

Ride to Sravanabelagola

I have been to Sravanabelagola multiple times. But this time it was with Yami. I left home around 6 and caught Anand at Madiwala. From there on we went to ISKON to join other riding friends. From ISKON to Nelamagala was uneventful. At Nelamangala we were supposed to take a left turn to...

It Was an Appointment 2

It Was an Appointment

C’était un rendez-vous (It Was an Appointment) is a short film made in 1976 by Claude Lelouch. Its one crazy mad drive in Paris.Its around 8 minutes high speed drive where camera is attached to the bumper ofthe car. Its unedited and one shot. The length of the film was limited to eight...

Help me in raising money for CRY 1

Help me in raising money for CRY

I am planning on running at the Bangalore Marathon scheduled in Dec 07. I am running this marathon in an effort to raise awareness about the development issues in India and for funds to support CRY- Child Rights and You. CRY is a non-profit organization committed to bringing about sustainable and equitable development...

Yet another birthday 15

Yet another birthday

I complete yet another trip around the sun. Friends ( Vinay,MK, Boda, Andy, Uthu) were there with me to celebrate. Check the video below taken using MKs mobile. BTW my birthday was Oct 12.

How to close main browser window with out getting warning message 6

How to close main browser window with out getting warning message

When you try to close the main browser window using the close [ window.close(); ] method. You get the confirmation prompt The Web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close the window? This warnning message appears only if you are trying to close the main...