Introducing IDVC Survey

Bangalore Darshinis are a class apart. They provide very affordable, clean, accessible food throughout the day. I have not seen this in many other cities. Most of the darshinis have the same or somewhat similar menu. They all have idli, vada (vada), dose(dosa), and coffee. So I figured to see if the city is affordable, the measure of these would be a good indicator, like an IDVC Index. Latte Index somewhat inspires me.


The current idea is to have an ever-running survey to collect the prices of idli, vada (vada), dose(dosa), and coffee. The survey will also include questions about sitting/standing type and location. My guess is over time, we should have enough data to develop a logic for the Index for different parts of the city. And in general, how it changes over time.

Intial Data

At this point, I don't see anyone other than me interested in this Index. Let me know if it tickles you. There is a project page that describes how to contribute and also how to access raw data.

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