Weekly Notes 32/2022

I love writing these weekly updates. I know it's only been two weeks. But I love the process of creating a new post as soon as I publish this week's post. Then I update it with points as and when I feel like it throughout the week. On Friday, I click publish. These weekly posts are stealing from Twitter which is a good thing in general :)

  • Just a bunch of bureaucratic work post the property registration. It's still not done.
  • I am exploring other aspects of Rust too. Rust for web (like wasm) and Rust as a backend for Python. At this point, Rust also looks like an excellent tool to learn. It will fit very well with my current tools like Python and Web (HTML, JS, and CSS). I also explored Rocket a bit this week. The web is my first love.
  • We launched a feature that we have been working on for a while at Peppo. I am pretty kicked about it. I will write about it in the future.
  • I have a reading list on Caste System in Silicon Valley, if that interests you. Send suggestions as well.
  • Wrote a post about using rich text in AutoKey. AutoKey is one of my favorite productivity tools.
  • CCTV Mapping in Bengaluru is progressing well but we need help. There are blocks where we have not mapped much. We have a project page now, so its easy to bookmark and keep track of it.
CCTV Mapping in Bengaluru - There are major blocks not mapped, need help

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