Weekly Notes 46/2022

Sanchaya had organized an event around the release of Karnata F Kittel Font. I got to attend it. Some of his grand-grand kids were at the event. The amount of love I saw for Kittel amazed me. Kittel has a special place in every Kannadigas heart.

Karnata F Kittel – Font Release Event
Karnata F Kittel – Font Release Event
  • My neck is doing well. The doctor says all is well.
  • I now have a Node-Red flow for delivering daily Vachana to my NTFY inbox. I have very few apps with notifications enabled. So this will get noticed.
  • We have mapped more than 1000 cameras in Bengaluru now. Go to the project page to learn how to contribute or download the data for your research.

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