IKEA Fornuftig Air Purifier Review

We use an air purifier from Eureka Forbes in the bedroom. But I was looking for one for Anju's office. This time my requirements were simple, easy to maintain, affordable, and decent purifier. I choose IKEA Fornuftig Air Purifier. Here is my review

  1. It's available in Bangalore; it's affordable at INR6,000. A decent ceiling fans cost you around INR2000 now. It can accommodate two purifiers - HEPA by default; you can add a carbon filter (formaldehyde, smoke, smells etc) if you want. HEPA filters need to be replaced when required, and there is a light for that. It's easy to identify and can be ordered online.
  2. Setup is easy and can be hand-assembled. The hardware build is simple. It's a powerful fan behind the filters, which sucks the air from the front and releases it at the back. The filters can also be replaced without any tools. It has a stand to make it sit on the floor or table. But you can also hang it on the wall. It looks very good on the wall. 
  3. In terms of control, it has a rotary button on the top to control the speed and comes with three speeds. There is a simple light for the filter change notification. It has a power on and off button. If you want smarts, use a smart plug and a good external sensor.
  4. It's powered by an external dc power supply (ICPSW24-19-1A). It takes 24V DC, 0.8 A, and 19W. I wish it were standard USB-C.
  5. Other stats
    1. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) at highest/lowest fan speed: 120/25 m3/h (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).
    2. Sound level at the highest/lowest fan speed: 60/28 dB (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).
    3. Maximum wattage: 14 W (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).
    4. Net weight: 3.05 kg (with both particle filter and gas filter installed).
    5. The particle filter is tested according to EN 1822-1 and ISO 29463-3 which corresponds to class EPA12.

I am pleased. I might get another one and fit it in front of my standing desk on the wall. I would like some fresh air while working.

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