Weekly Notes 11/2023

I love driving. I love company, but I also love driving alone. I have not driven alone in a long time. Last week I did. I drove around 500 KMs all by myself, and I loved it. It reminded me of my first solo drive to and back from Coorg, which included a night drive. Maybe because it was solo, and I left Thrissur around 3 AM.

On the way
On the way
  • St Thomas Church, Palayur, was on the geek travel list for some time. I made a visit.
  • I have been considering a custom self-hosted location logger that works with my systems. This week I evaluated a few and set up GPSLogger+CouchDB based one. I used my new location logger for logging my drive back from Thrissur. It was rock solid. 
  • I watched the trailer of Bheed the movie. Making this movie takes a lot of effort and strength in today's world. It looks very real for anyone who has tracked the deaths due to the lockdown. It's expected to release next week.
  • I have missed linking to Sridhar's weekly updates. It's one of the updates I regularly read. For some reason, I thought I had already linked., but no. It could be because both of us started writing weekly updates nearly simultaneously. He started it in June 2022, and I in July 2022. A month later. 
  • It's been a hectic week for me. Next week should be slow. Let's see because march is never slow :) 

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