ChatGPT Hallucinates

Like the rest of the tech world, I have been experimenting with ChatGPT. Since this is my twentieth year of blogging, so I asked ChatGPT to pick up the most popular posts on my blog. My blog has been public since the beginning, and at least parts of it would have been available for ChatGPT when it got built. So I expected it to pick up actual posts and present them to me. But strange things happened.

ChatGPT giving me popular posts

It gave me an answer. At first glance, the links look good; they are in the standard WordPress format, the blog software I use. The subjects and titles look familiar and like something I would have written.

But no, they don't exist. They are made up. You can check my archives here. None of them exist.

Asking ChatGPT to give me real links
Asking ChatGPT to give me real links

So I asked it to give me real ones. It gave me a different set. Furthermore, they look genuine, but again they don't exist. They are not real.

So third time, I asked a specific question to give me the most linked blog posts. Yet again, ChatGPT made up the posts and links. That looks very real but not real.

My third ask for links

So my guess is ChatGPT hallucinates and presents you with data that looks very real but isn't real. It's an ideal tool to make things up like fake news or create fiction. We will have to see how the world uses it.

Note: There was a typo in the title - Instead of ChatGPT, it was ChapGPT 🤦. I have corrected the title, but the URL remains the same because Cool URIs don't change

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3 Responses

  1. Vishal says:

    Did u try prompting it? Chatgpt can produce such results, but when asked to return nothing for unsure results it seems to work.

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