Weekly Notes 27/2023

Echo has been shedding a lot these days. So manual sweeping and mopping once a day has not been enough. So we got an iRobot/Roomba j7 combo this week, mainly to clean up after him. We think vacuuming some parts of the house once a day will do good. Currently, it's still mapping the place. Once stabilized, I will move it to HomeAssistant and create routines there. Echo is ignoring the Roomba; Pathu is still very suspicious of it. 

Pathu is still very suspicious of Roomba.
Pathu is still very suspicious of Roomba.
  • It was a slow week. I took some rest days. 
  • I did transfers to a few NMG/2023 grantees this week. For the rest, I will transfer next week. 
  • I pushed COVID-19 related news articles archives to Github. Unfortunately, The archive is too big to host using GitHub pages; the limit is 1 GB. Anyway, if you know a good and affordable static host, let me know. I will host it there too.

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