Weekly Notes 35/2023

I am slowly getting back to work. Work folks have been very nice and accommodating. Slowly, we are getting used to the new human being in our lives. It's been a joy.

Her cousins made a card for her.
  • One of my mother's friends visited us today. She babysat my sister and me when we were babies. I got lots of tips from her.
  • I wrote about Baby Buddy, our primary tool for tracking the progress and activities of the baby. It has reduced the mental load of remembering things.
  • I posted about my home power monitoring setup, which keeps my servers running. It may be helpful if you have a Synology or APC UPS. 
  • One more product went live today at Peppo. I am happy with how we went about it. It will grow into a full-fledged business.
  • I wanted to participate and talk at Ubran Data Cafe about Surveillance in Bengaluru hosted on Twitter Spaces. I can only listen on the mobile web but can't speak. For talking, I need an Android client. So, it is installed for this specific use, for 2 mins of talking. To reduce the future trouble, I deactivated (permissions, notifications etc) it instead of uninstalling it. That way, I can enable it when required; otherwise, it's as good as uninstalling. 

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