Weekly Notes 46/2023

These two pictures of Echo and Pathu by a friend in their natural habitat :) Both of them look so lovely, so I'm posting them here.

  • It was a Deepavali weekend. Both of us are not religious or believe in rituals. So we do whatever we like in all Indian festivals—like light lamps on Deepavali, eating fantastic food on Ramzan, and setting up a tree for Xmas. So this weekend we met friends and ate good food, which is the best part of any Indian festival. Thankfully, Echo and Pathu were not scared of the sound of fireworks, so it was peaceful.
  • My return to work has been good. I am back to my previous productivity. We plan to release some significant updates in the last week of November and early December. I am all kicked about it. I will blog about it once they are live.
  • I will be in Mumbai for Peppo's work in the last week of November. I have two evenings, 27th and 28th. Suggest me things to do.
  • Thanks to indieblog.pagepersonalsit.esBlogDB, and ooh.directory, I am discovering new personal blogs. I will keep updating my blogring. Also, BTW, the IndiWeb wiki has a Week Note page, which lists some IndiWeb bloggers who maintain Weekly Notes, like this one.
  • I am moving all the maps to GeoJSON format, stored in CouchDB, and displayed on WordPress using the leaflet-map plugin. It makes things much simpler. I miss some features, but it makes it much more maintainable, which is more important now. It's the process that I started last year. I plan to conclude it this year. You might see some broken maps. 
  • I added the contributor's leaderboard to the Surveillance in Bengaluru project page. It's an iframe embed where I pull the data using AJAX and display it using Datatable. The table shows the top contributors as of last week. Now, back to mapping :) 

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  1. Sathya says:

    Thanks for the links to personal blogs, always on the look for more :) I came across this on Hacker News, you might find it useful https://hn-blogs.kronis.dev/all-blogs.html

    Another one in the thread here https://elk.zone/mastodon.social/@noracodes@tenforward.social/110968470261577248