Weekly Notes 23/2024

I paid the advance for the restoration and rework of Red (Yamaha). The total repair expense will be more than how much I spent to buy it. I think it's worth it. I love that motorcycle. It's with Salman of Delhi Garage. He has promised to deliver it in 25 days. Let's see.

Red (Yamaha) at India Garage.
Red (Yamaha) at India Garage.

  • Late Friday night, I went out for dinner with BS students. We have managed to get dinners at all Paradoxes. It was fun. I came back from Chennai on Saturday. The weekend was good; the weather in Bengaluru is back. We met Uthara and friends for lunch. I met MK on Sunday for coffee at We Neighbourhood, a new place in the area. I took this opportunity to add it to OSM.
  • At IITM, Rishav and I had some demos to show. Since I was on my LC230 (aka liberated X230), we thought it would be easier to demo from Rishav's laptop, which has a better GPU. Unfortunately, the lecture hall's projector didn't have an HDMI input; it had a VGA input. Fortunately, my LC230 had a VGA port. So I connected my laptop to the projector and then VNCed into Rishav's laptop, projecting a 1024 X 768 screen. It worked flawlessly as most of the demo used CLI; our slides resized quite well. No one noticed.
  • I completed the eight-week introductory yoga program this week (WN 15/2023). I am still enjoying it, so I will continue with it by joining Level 1 (Foundation).
  • It's been a good week, personally. Lots of stuff got done at home and work. I want to keep the momentum going. The email inbox is zero. I still have house-related tasks on the list, but I am on it.
  • I am not happy about the LS/2024 election results. But it's also not bad. Hopefully, there will be a strong opposition representing people's views inside and outside parliament this time.
LC230 with VGA Port
LC230 with VGA Port
Cheers. Not happy with results but I will take it.
Cheers. Not happy with results but I will take it.

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