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Of course Minister 0

Of course Minister

Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid thinks PRISM is nothing to worry about. In his own words “This is not scrutiny and access to actual messages. It is only computer analysis of patterns of calls and emails that are being sent. It is not actually snooping on specifically on content of anybody’s message...

Ask Your Govt 8

Ask Your Govt

This is just an idea as of now. Lets call it “Ask Your Govt” where community can ask questions and vote on questions. Questions should be non personal and relevant to the community. If a question gets a certain points (or up votes if you like or retweets). “Ask Your Govt” will raise...

Geeks and Embarrassments 1

Geeks and Embarrassments

I have been a geek all my life, mostly embarrassing friends and family around me. This time I went a step further. It was meant to be a personal letter. I sent it to an email list. I told her what happened. She was embarrassed. She likes most things about me. This time...