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Why I oppose SOPA and PIPA ? 3

Why I oppose SOPA and PIPA ?

My reasons: SOPA and PIPA are the worst laws that anybody can propose to stop piracy They are actually anti-technology than anti-piracy They break internet Even though I am an India, It hurts me and my business Internet is supposed to be international, not yet, it’s mostly controlled by USA India has an...

Discover music on MySwar 11

MySwar is out

Ever since I joined Mavrix, friends have asked me about the project that I am working on. I have given different versions. But now that MySwar is open to public, here is the almost definitive description “MySwar is the complete guide to Hindi film music. It lets you browse your favorite Hindi film...

How to keep my data safe and secure? 10

How to keep my data safe and secure?

If you are like me then you will be traveling with all your data all the time. There are two big risks when you do that 1. Risk of losing the data 2. Risk of others accessing your data I have managed the first one by setting up a daily sync from my...