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Blogs these days are always under construction. I am upgrading my blog theme based on wordpress 3.0 and default theme twentyten. So if you find anything broken, let me know.

Android applications for developers 2

Android applications for developers

When I am traveling, I usually carry my netbook to check the statuses of my servers, check log files, upload files and very rarely to edit too. Ever since I got my Nexus one, I have been trying to do as many things as possible on my android phone Nexus one. There are...

Building community of developers 3

Building community of developers

What makes Facebook or twitter or Flickr successful? Is it the community of users? is it the usefulness of the product? is it the uniqueness? I think it’s all above and set of passionate developers who used the APIs and created extensions with above mentioned characteristics. Yes. According to me developers who used...

Experiences from my first three months at Janaagraha 5

Experiences from my first three months at Janaagraha

I cant believe, its been three months already! Initially the idea was to write one blog post per week. But then the work did not allow me :) Now that its been three months and the projects that I am working on have stabilized to great extent, I have time to write. Here...