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Ijanaagraha – What we have for developers 0

Ijanaagraha – What we have for developers

Crossposted from Janaagraha. Three months back when I was introduced to iJanaagraha, by Jaagte Raho! Coordinator Jasmine Shah, I was struck by the amount of geographic and ward data that Bangalore based Not-for-profit Janaagraha wanted to publish. That was the time when Data.Gov was live and developers all around the world were going...

Upgrading 0


Blogs these days are always under construction. I am upgrading my blog theme based on wordpress 3.0 and default theme twentyten. So if you find anything broken, let me know.

Android applications for developers 2

Android applications for developers

When I am traveling, I usually carry my netbook to check the statuses of my servers, check log files, upload files and very rarely to edit too. Ever since I got my Nexus one, I have been trying to do as many things as possible on my android phone Nexus one. There are...