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Openid problem with delegation 2

Openid problem with delegation

I have openid from . The open id url is I use delegation and use as the open id url. But something going wrong today. I am not able to login to few of my regular services like But I am able to login to some other...

My Next Firefox video : PLAY SAFE 3

My Next Firefox video : PLAY SAFE

I got inspired by this print ad (yeah online print ad). Then wrote the script for video. I have made Firefox ad videos before. But I think this would be the best. Check the script below PLAY SAFE The camera runs behind the characters. And it follows them into a room with the...

Working with teams across timezones 0

Working with teams across timezones

Communication is the most important part of teams working in different time zones. It not very uncommon to see the teams working two or more time zones. This makes it very difficult to get the common time where everybody can come meet online. This factor makes mails as the most important linking tool...

Talk by Vint Cerf – Father of Internet 0

Talk by Vint Cerf – Father of Internet

Vint Cerf recently gave a talk in Bangalore as a part of Google Talk series. Here is a small video (6mins) of that talk. For people who don’t know who is Vint Cerf Vint Cerf(June 23, 1943) is an American computer scientist who is commonly referred to as one of the “founding fathers... the mobile India 0 the mobile India

Zook is a new mobile answer engine which helps you quickly get answers, and act on them, not just pages upon pages of links. It identifies the really clear answers upfront, or interactively narrows down to what you really meant to look for. On the move,” I have been trying their service since...