Weekly Notes 21/2023

I am at IITM, Chennai, for Paradox. It's my second Paradox festival. I love meeting students, faculty, and other members (at least once a year. I am going back tomorrow night, to Bangalore.

Students gave me flowers at the end of the session. I like the flowers (not the plastic), and the guest house had no flower vases. So I had to use the water jug as a vase.
  • I did a small session for students at Paradox about ChatGPT and other tools they can use at work. Mostly my continuation of the exploration I have been doing here.
  • I wrote a blog post on Digdag about setting up SLAs to monitor the workflows. I am still surprised at how many features Digdag supports and how easy it is to get started with.
  • I have recovered from the fever, but I still feel slightly tired.
  • Its been a good week at work. I got stuff done. It's good to be back.

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