Weekly Notes 29/2022

Weekly Notes are meant to be weekly updates which I wouldn't cover in a regular blog post. I will probably post them on Fridays. The title has the week number in that year. 

  1. Added graphs to Project IDVC last week. Now you can see the charts live. 
  2. I updated the documents to use the browser's native PDF embedding instead of a WordPress plugin. Browser support has improved a lot. 
  3. The HOPCOMS Price List page seems to be down. If you know anyone in the Horticulture department, please do let me know. It's an essential dataset that I scrape.
  4. I wrote about Open Badges and how to create and issue them. I think the strength of it is in its simplicity. I have plans to implement it in a big way. 
  5. I watched a movie in a theater after almost two years (well due to Covid). It was Top Gun, and it was okay!
  6. Electronics City seems to be having a lot of cameras. The city is governed by Electronics City Industrial Township Authority. They seem to be installing them every 200 meters. Not sure about their privacy and retention policy.  Also there are so many new things in Electronics City. We should plan a mappathon.
CCTVs in Electronics CIty