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Project Me 365 Month April 0

Project Me 365 Month April

Here comes the pictures from first month of project me365. Starting from 24th March 2007 to 24th April 2007. I think I have missed two days with in these. I hope and try not to miss in future. See the growing collection on Zooomr. Its been fun to click these.

Top 7 email tips for office users 6

Top 7 email tips for office users

Below are some points I remember every time I send a mail. Don’t enter the email address into to or cc before composing the mail. There is a chance to hit ctrl+enter (send) any time. Leading to half composed mails being sent. Hence compose the mails first. Then add to and cc Attach...

Do you have a video resume ? 0

Do you have a video resume ?

A video resume seems to be web2.0 way for seeking job. I read a post on Time about a video resume first time. It seems like an interesting alternative to regular job posts/resumes. Some of the major players like Jobster have already intergated videos into their site. Below is one such video resume...

My Firefox videos 0

My Firefox videos

I am a great fan of Firefox .One way of thanking Firefox is spreading a word about it. Hence I made two videos about firefox. 1. Freedom doesn’t come easily2. My Life Let me know what do you think? This post is from On/Off Tips which is a member blog of TechMag Blog...

DNS Stuff : For all online lookups 0

DNS Stuff : For all online lookups

As some of you know I was out of reach for two days. A mess up with my MX records forced the mails to be lost in the woods of Internet. Only when few friends called me to ask why i didn’t reply; I realized that there is something wrong. My first step...

Project me 365 0

Project me 365

Few days ago it struck to my head. I took two more days to think about it then I started clicking. Yes. I am on a mission of ‘me 365’. I am going to take a picture everyday of me for 365 days. It started from 24Mar2007. The pictures will be available at...