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Quantified Self

Like many of my readers I believe in Quantified Self. I believe in measuring most aspects of my life and reviewing it. I used various web platforms to do it. But the problem is sharing. Yes. Sharing. Most platforms allow you to share the data with them but wont allow to share the...


Sense Your City

This would be my third sensor in the city. You already know about the first two. This one is part of much bigger community called Sense Your City. As part of Sense your City, 100 people in 7 cities across the world will build and install the sensors. These sensors will measure air...

opendata.json – Format for making Open Data Discoverable 0

opendata.json – Format for making Open Data Discoverable

It’s a pain to search for Open Data on the web. I publish quite a bit of data. As you could see on the OpenBangalore. The data is in different formats and is at different urls. There is no easy way to find it other than going through the list. You can’t find...