The Year that was 2013

This is the seventh year of "The Year that was" series. This was the most successful year until now according to me. Here are some of the highlights

  1. Life was great. I am married now. Its much better now :)
  2. Working with Mavrix has been very fruitful, We released mobile apps this year and also I am very proud of our Hindi version
  3. I got to attend TTC InfoActivismCamp. Met a lot of inspiring people. I need to complete that blog post. I will, may be a bunch of them
  4. ODC BLR 2013 was great
  5. I got to attend Transparency Camp in USA. Camp inspired me to start I have long list of features for it and a sister site ready to launch.
  6. Read 17 books this year.
  7. Crowd Funded some interesting projects. (Lucia, CastAR, Aaron Swartz Documentary,Trsst, Radar CitizenReporting, CitizenMatters) and was able to support Green Peace, Democracy Now and some others on Flattr
  8. launched. The site where I personally collect data related to Bangalore and share under open data licenses
  9. OpenPostboxIndia is my happy postbox project. We have 140+ boxes geotagged as of now. Data is available on GitHub as JSONs. You can contribute too.
  10. My DNA is open
  11. I have been blogging for a decade now
  12. My First 10k Run. Felt good even though I was slow.
  13. My First Kumbha Mela. I want to be there every time from now on.
  14. Great family vacation to Singapore and Malaysia. First time outside the country for my parents.
  15. Translated open source mobile apps and browser extension to Kannada. TextSecure, RedPhone, CryptoCat

Previous Years: 2012,2011,2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

4 Responses

  1. Hey Thej… wow, congrats all around! Sounds like an awesome year for you!

    So how are you going to top it in ’14? I look forward to reading next year’s post, and following along the way…